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All prices quoted in the Shop is in US Dollars (USD) (base currency) but actual price depends on that days exchange rate with other currencies. For European investments the currency is is Euro, in this case, you must use base currency as EUR and convert to US dollars.

No, you dont need to pay anything during your checkout. Just place the order we send you a free quote, and you can pay later through bank transfer or cheque or credit card.

Yes all citizenships are 100% legal programmes. As many as 7 countries in the world, are selling their citizenships for large sums of money, under the citizenship laws based on economic citizenship enacted by the Governments of these countries. You can find this information in the official government websites of these countries: Malta, Cyprus, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia.

Yes, we can ship to any country in the world.

No you can buy citizenship and passport staying at home, except for European programmes, you need to make a single visit to the country for getting citizenship and golden visa.

Once the Government appointed Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) approves your application, you will be issued “certificate of naturalisation of citizenship” which is a proof your citizenship. All new citizens are entitled to passport which is issued based on your citizenship certificate.

Golden visas give you only residency, not citizenship initially. To get citizenship you have to live there for atleast 5 years of more. Another problem is you have to renew golden visa once in every one or two years. You also have to personally visit the immigration office to extend your golden visa validity.

You can get citizenship by purchasing a property and hold for 5 years. Real estate investments start from $200,000 (Dominica) and goes upto $400,000 (Antigua, St Kitts). For EU countries, Portugal/Spain requires 500,000 euros investment in property. Cyprus requires 2,000,000 euros investment in a luxury home for EU citizenship.

Yes. You can get citizenship and passport from caribbean nations, without visiting the country at all. We take care of your application through Government approved authorized agent. All european programs require you to visit the country atleast once.

No, you are not required to move or live in the new country after receiving your citizenship. Of course you can visit and live there as long you want, because you have citizenship rights.


3 months to 6 months. Once the government approves your application, you will get a passport and certifice of citizenship in your hand.

Yes allowed. Countries where you buy citizenship, will impose no restrictions on dual or multiple citizenships. You have to check that with your home country. For example, China, India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc does not holding foreign citizenships. You may have to give up one legally.

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First of all, you only pay full investment amount when the government approves your initial citizenship application. So, yes, your money will be given back by the Government if they decline you citizenship.

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