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Hungary Golden Visa


Hungary Golden Visa

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Hungarian Residency Bonds (closing on April 2017)

The Hungarian Residency Bond program offers non-EU nationals, fast-track permanent long term residence status in Hungary, who buy 300,000 euro worth of Hungarian government treasury bonds with 5 year lockout period.

After 5 years the full money is given back, without revoking PR status. No requirement to live in Hungary. Family and children also get immediate permanent residence status.

  • Lifetime EU permanent residence status (EC permanent residence card)
  • Family and children get PR under family unification.
  • Fast track residence permit in Hungary within 2 weeks
  • No language tests. No medical tests. No education requirement.
  • Low cost of living in Central Europe.
  • Visa free movement in Schengen. Live in any EU Schengen country for 6 months maximum
  • Live and work in Hungary
  • Financing option possible for the entire investment.
  • Risk free investment for 5 years in Euros
  • Open to all country nationals. No restrictions on Iran, Syria, Iraq nationals


Government Bonds: €300,000
Government fees: non-refundable €60,000 euros (includes family, all administrative and service costs)

Total investment costs: €360,000 euros (all inclusive package)

The processing time is 21 days to issue National permanent residence permit, which is issued under economic interest. You also have an option of drawing a loan for 300,000 euros. With the ID card issued by Hungary under economic investment, you can buy housing or real estate property in Hungary.

You can get Hungarian citizenship and passport after 8 years of living by naturalizing. You will also need to pass Hungarian language test and take an oath.

2 reviews for Hungary Golden Visa

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    what is your agent fee?

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    How much is your agent fee? so we can add it up to 300,000EUR ++

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