Spain Golden Visa


Spain offers residency visa to foreign nationals who invest 500,000 euros in spanish market. The spanish (“Act 25/2015”) enables Non-EU/EEA nationals to receive a residence permit based on investment in the country such as real estate, business etc.

  • Visa free travel in 28 European countries
  • High demand profitable real estate investment
  • EU residency for family and children.
  • No minimum residency requirements
  • No language test. No business experience required.

To qualify for the spanish golden visa, the following are qualified investments.

  • €500,000 euro or more real estate investment in Spain
  • €1 million euro in Spanish Government Bonds
  • €1 million euro in Spanish company shares or private investment funds

You will receive temporary residence permit valid for 2 years and then renewable after then. No requirement to live in Spain except you have to visit only once a year.

Permanent residence after 5 years of living. The processing time is about 3 months.

Spanish citizenship possible after 10 years living in Spain. You also have to pass the Spanish language test (only for citizenship).