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Swiss Golden Visa


Swiss Golden Visa


Switzerland offers permanent residence to wealthy individuals and families who invest significantly in the country under business investment turnover of no less than CHF 1,000,000. There is also an option for the wealthy retirees under the lump sum taxation. This program is open to US citizens and other nationalities.

Qualifying investments

  1. Capital investment in a swiss business or enterprise no less than CHF 1,000,000 swiss francs
  2. Retire under lump sum taxation by paying CHF 200,000 to CHF 600,000 per year (you pick canton of your choice). US citizens can also qualify.

Non-EU nationals can qualify for swiss residence permit upon starting a new business or enterprise in Switzerland with a minimum turn over of atleast CHF 1 million or more.

The residence permit is initially issued for 2 years first then with periodic renewals later. The processing time is 3 months.  You are also allowed to buy a property in switzerland.

Swiss residence permit gives visa-free access to the entire Schengen Area of Europe. You can get swiss permanent residence card (PR) after uninterrupted 10 years of living in Switzerland. Swiss citizenship/passport possible after 12 of living



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