Canada Golden Visa (Quebec)


Canada first opened immigrant investor scheme in 1984, one of the oldest and most popular golden visa schemes in the world. Canada is the most popular immigrant destination for HNW families.  Canada offers the best quality of living, with world class health care and education. Canada is a diverse multicultural country with strong economy. Some of the best universities in the world are in Canada.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program , also known as “Canada Golden visa” offers a direct path to become a permanent resident in Canada. Once selected, any new Canadian resident under any of the Quebec Programs may choose to reside in any Province of their choice. The QIIP also provides path to Canadian citizenship after three years of living in Canada.

Canada is expected to re-open Québec immigrant investor scheme in 2024 new changes were published in the official gazette.

Why Québec?

  • Quebec is world’s best places to live, work, study and do business, the most populated province in Canada
  • Montreal is the second biggest city in Canada with predominantly french speaking population
  • Excellent public and private healthcare system.
  • Families can live anywhere in Canada
  • Québec has one of the lowest tax rates on corporate profits in North America.
  • Strong Quebec economy with affordable living costs for economic immigrations
  • Active and lucrative real estate market
  • Quebec has best universities like McGill and Concordia for education
  • QIIP offers easy path to become Canadian after 3 years
  • Canadian passport is one of the best and most powerful passports in the world in terms of visa free access

Investment Conditions

To be eligible for the Quebec Immigration Investor Program, applicants are required to meet the following conditions:

1.Basic Criteria.

– You must intend to settle in Quebec permanently.
– Master the French language at a CLB 7 level
–  Hold a diploma corresponding to at least Quebec secondary school;
– Minimum residence condition of 6 months (work permit).

Spouses or partners included in the application must also have resided in Quebec for at least six months.

2. Have the minimum net worth

You must have a net worth of at least 2 million $ CAN. You can share this net worth with your wife, husband, partner or common-law partner who accompanies you to Quebec. You must be able to demonstrate the lawful origin and accumulation of your net worth. If you received donations less than six months before submitting your application, these cannot be included in the amount of your net worth.

3. Have management experience

You must have at least two years of management experience. This experience must have been acquired during the five years preceding the submission of your application. The management experience must include the following functions under your authority:

• Planning
• Management
• Control of financial resources
• Control of human or material resources

4. Conclude an investment agreement

You must enter into an investment agreement with a financial intermediary, either an investment broker or a trust company that has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration and IQ Immigrants Investor Inc.

5.Make a five-year term investment

You must make a five-year term investment in the amount of 1 000 000,00 $ CAN. The investment must be made with IQ Immigrants Investisseurs inc. The placement is guaranteed by the government of Quebec. A non-refundable financial contribution of 200 000,00 $ CAN will also be required. Credit facilities are available to finance the transaction.

Fully Refundable Investment – At the end of your investment, your financial intermediary will reimburse you the amount of 1 000 000,00 $ CAN without interest, within 30 days. The amount reimbursed could, however, vary if you have opted for financing your investment.

6. Residence condition.

• has been issued a work permit;
• in the two years following the date of issue of the work permit, has stayed in Quebec for a period of at least six months and the foreign national or his or her spouse or de facto spouse included in the application has stayed in Quebec for another period of at least six months.

Once the application is approved, a Quebec Certificate of Selection is awarded, using which he/she can apply for permanent residence in Canada.


The fees for reviewing an application for permanent selection effective January 1, 2023. The fees are adjusted on January 1 of each year.

  • Principal applicant: $16,874
  • Wife or husband, spouse or common-law partner: $0
  • Each dependent child: $0

French language

There is no French speaking requirement to qualify, but investors who speak French are also provided priority processing and are not subject to the program cap of 1900 applications.


Canada does not have a wealth tax or inheritance tax, and individuals who are accepted for immigration to Canada through Quebec’s Investor Program.

Canadian citizens and Canada PR card holders who are considered a non-resident of the country for tax purposes can also avoid paying tax on income derived from outside of the country.

There is a five-year tax holiday for immigrants. Tax planning must be arranged before applying for permanent residence in Quebec. To benefit from this tax holiday, immigrants must transfer their assets to a foreign immigration trust.

Financing option

We now offer financing option with a fixed fee option. Applications will also be assessed on other factors, such as your age, education and language skills.

Canadian Citizenship

The Government of Canada introduced a new bill in 2017 cutting the citizenship time from five years to just three years

Canada Passport

The passport of Canada is sixth best passport in the world with visa free travel to 183 countries in 2024.