Greece Golden Visa for Real Estate

Greece is a developed european nation, part of Eurozone and Schengen area. Every year 15 million foreign tourists visit Greece to enjoy Aegan summer.


Greece is undoubtedly one of the best countries, to live, study, work and retire in Europe. Effective from March 31, 2024, Greece has increased minimum required investment for property investors.

European Residence for Property Buyers

Greece has the most attractive golden visa scheme for real estate investors in Europe. You get 5 year residence permit with no minimum residence condition.

greek residency

Exclusive Benefits for Investors

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Real Estate

High income property market in Europe. Greece has lowest prices in Europe.

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5 Year Residence

Investors receive a 5 year residence card for investment.

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Enjoy free movement in schengen area with Greek residency.

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Family members also receive residence permit. Spouse and children

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No Residence condition

No requirement to live permanently in Greece.

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EU Citizenship

Become a Greek citizen after 7 years of living. Apply for citizenship.

Real Estate

The minimum required investment is set at different tiers.

Tier 1


Tier 1 – €800,000 will apply in the Region of Attica, the Regional Units of Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Evia, Crete as well as islands with a population of more than 3,100 inhabitants.

Tier 2


€400,000 will apply in all other regions of Greece. up from the previous threshold of €250,000.

Tier 3


A minimum investment threshold of €250,000 will be applicable, regardless of the size and location of the property:

Commercial to Residential Conversion – Acquisition of a commercial property and conversion into residential use; the investor must complete the conversion before submitting their Golden Visa application. This property should not be used a company seat office.

Restoration of Historical Buildings – Acquisition and full restoration of a property in listed buildings of historical and cultural importance; the investor must complete the restoration by the fifth year of residency in order to renew their Golden Visa.

Capital Transfer

In addition to real estate, the following investments also qualify for Greek golden visa

  • Bank Deposit: €400,000 euro (term deposit for one year in Greek bank institutions)
  • Greek Securities & Treasury bonds – €400,000 (held for 3 years)
  • Shares and Corporate bonds – €800,000 (traded in Greek stock markets)
  • Capital contribution – €400,000 in greek businesses
  • Legal entities – €800,000 (securities or bank deposit) or €1.6 million (treasury or corporate bonds)