Hungary Golden Visa (Opens July 1, 2024)

Hungary is a member of EU and part of schengen area. Hungary scores very high in safety and quality of life.


Hungary Golden Visa

The Guest investor visa scheme will be accepting applications from Jul 1, 2024. Investors will receive a 10 year residence permit for their investments.

Starting from 250,000

The Guest investor visa (“vendégbefektető vizum”) was launched officially on Jan 1, 2024. The law been published in official gazette on 21.12.2023. The Guest gold card scheme allows third-country nationals are eligible to be granted a residence permit (golden visa) for property investors and their family members, whose entry and stay in Hungary is in national economic interest due to his/her investments realised in Hungary. EU/EEA nationals cannot apply.

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Hungary Residence Permit

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Golden Visa Europe

The Best Golden visa investment in Europe.

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No Residency

No conditions to live in Hungary

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Spouse, children can apply for residence

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10 Years

Gold card issued for 10 years and renewed for another 10 years.

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Work Rights

Investor and family members can also work in Hungary.

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Low Property Prices.

Hungary has lowest property prices in Europe with high rental income.

The Golden Visa application can only be filed within Hungary. It cannot be applied at consulates abroad. You must have a valid schengen visa or visa free country (eg. US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK etc.) to be able to physically visit Hungary and apply here.

investment fund (refundable)

1. Real Estate Investment Fund

Refundable investment with possibility of annual returns. Must be issued by a real estate fund registered by the Hungarian National Bank,


buy property with title

2. Real Estate (Residential)

with a value of at least EUR 500 000, located in the geographical territory of Hungary and registered in the Land Registry of Hungary under its parcel identification/topographical LOT number, free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances,


non refundable (one time)

2. Public Donation

At least 1 000 000 EUR and for a purpose of educational, scientific research or artistic creation activities, to a higher education institution maintained by a public trust with a public-service mission.



– Best Golden Visa in Europe (10 year gold card)
– Lowest property prices in Europe.
– No residency conditions with full working rights.
– Low corporate tax rates (10%).
– Free movement in Schengen area
– Attractive Investment destination in Europe.
– Major Trade hub with Excellent flight connections.
– Path to Hungarian Citizenship after 8 years.

1. Real Estate Fund (REF)

Acquisition of investment bond certificates of at least EUR 250,000 issued by a real estate fund registered with the Hungarian National Bank. Investment must be kept for 5 years and residence permit issued for 10 years with another ten year extension.

2.Real Estate

Investment in residential real estate with a value of at least EUR 500,000, located naturally in the geographical territory of Hungary, registered in the real estate register according to the topographical number. Investment must be kept for 5 years and residence permit issued for 10 years with another ten year extension.

Residence Permit

The Gold card (residence permit) is granted for 10 years by immigration authority, and it may be extended for another 10 years (only once) for the same purpose.

Hungary Property Market

The real estate prices in Hungary, particularly in capital budapest, is the still low compared other major european cities, makes it attractive for foreigners to invest in properties. The Property prices in capital floats around EUR 2,500 to EUR 3,000 in downtown districts of 5 and 6. Lake Balaton area is super popular with Germans, French, Brits and other europeans.

Hungary Citizenship

Investors can apply for hungarian citizenship after 8 years of living. The Hungarian passport (“Útlevél”) is a powerful EU  travel document with visa free access to 186 visa free countries in the World.