Vanuatu citizenship and permanent residency program

Vanuatu citizenship by investment

anuatu has a new citizenship by investment scheme launched under Development Support Program (DSP) established under Citizenship Act [CAP 112]. The Honorary Citizenship Development Support Program is launched by the Government of Republic of Vanuatu in March 2017. This program has major demand with chinese, middle east and asian clients. The Vanuatu Development Support Program offers honorary citizenship to

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Citizenship by investment for Americans

Citizenship by investment and golden visa programs, set to become more popular among Americans seeking visa free travel to Europe. This comes at a time when European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution to impose visa restrictions on US citizens within 2 months, according to A record number Americans visit Europe every year for tourism, business and other

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New Cyprus citizenship by investment changes in 2016

Cyprus citizenship by investment

Under Cyprus legislation and specifically article 111 of the Civil Registry law 2002 (N.141(I)/2002 as amended) “…the Minister of Interior has the right to grant a certificate of naturalization, upon application by any alien adult with full capacity, who satisfies the Minister that he/she fulfils the criteria for naturalization according to the third table of

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St Lucia citizenship by investment to become more popular from 2017

St Lucia Citizenship by investment

St Lucia Government is poised to become the most popular citizenship by investment passport programme , since the Government announced several amendments to its citizenship by investment programme effective from January 1st, 2017. The key announcement made was St Lucia citizenship to become cheapest in the market for USD 100,000 competing with Dominica. The real estate investment qualifying for

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Top 10 economic citizenship by investment programs

British citizenship passport

Economic citizenship programs give immediate citizenship to investors and their family members a life time citizenship that can be passed on to future generations. Only qualifying investments recommended by Government qualify for citizenship. The easiest and cheapest route is donation route (one time payment) or to a Government fund. Investments in real estate, business capital are usually

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25+ Countries to buy citizenship by investment

UK citizenship

Citizenship can be acquired through residency (naturalisation) or economic investment. The easiest and fastest route of obtaining a second citizenship is through economic investment. Here you will note the major difference between citizenship and residency program through investment activity. Residency by investment programs, takes a long time (years of uninterrupted living) to naturalise citizenship. You must

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Property investment based citizenship and residency programs

Property investment citizenship

There are over 20 countries in the world offer an easy path to citizenship through property investment either directly or indirectly (residency). The bigger the investment amount, the easier becomes getting citizenship. Caribbean nations grant fast track citizenship and passport against property investment. Cyprus offers citizenship  (EU) within 6 months, whereas Portugal, Spain or Greece,

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Buy Citizenships and Golden visas from Citizenship Shop

Citizenship Shop

Global uncertainties arising from Trump victory and Brexit, have prompted rich and wealthy on the run, looking for alternative second citizenships. This week a number of companies promoting investment citizenship schemes, reported surge in inquiries on second citizenships. Buying a citizenship for cash, is not new, have existed in ancient times. Roughly two thousand years

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