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Available in 10+ countries. Apply through citizenship by investment. No personal visit required. Starting from $100,000.

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We work with authorized agents, law firms and property developers advising clients giving proper and highly qualified advice.

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Our team has over 14+ years of experience with CBI/RBI with high success rate. Apply with Confidence.

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Our consulting fee for clients applying through our platform is free. We charge 0% platform fee for clients who signup.

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Invest in Global Citizenship

Fastest and Swift citizenship in just 3-4 months.

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The Next Revolution in Citizenship

Applying for citizenship has never been easier before. Our electronic platform is built using state of the art algorithms and AI.


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How much it costs?

All total costs will be automatically generated by our AI systems, fully automated. Login to see the pricing structure based on how many people or families apply. No hidden fees.

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100% Online Application

File your citizenship application paying zero initial fee through our secure website. Use our website to monitor the progress of your application. No personal visit required. All payments done only in stages. You will pay the investment directly to government bank account.

File your e-application and upload the filled forms and supporting documents through our client portal.

  • KYC/Eligibility check – Free
  • Due diligence / Pre approval – 10% of fee
  • After Government approval – 80% of total fee
  • Completion – 10% of balance.

How it Works?

  • Register your account (verify email and phone)
  • Login to your client area.
  • Retrieve the quote. (generated by our system).
  • Start your application. Provide all required information.
  • Upload all supporting documents.
  • Pay using bank transfer.

Your application will go through the following stages, as a completely automated process.

1. Submit your e-application

Submit application through our portal. Pay $0 fee. Upload all your initial set of documents through our account portal. We provide you exact costs using our online calculator, which computes exact total costs. Fully transparent pricing no hidden costs.

2. KYC/ Eligibility check

We check your file for KYC and eligibility , pass the file to the authorized agent.

3. File Submission

The authorized agent licensed by government will submit your file to the government through e-portal. You will pay 10% of the total costs.

4. Government Approval

You will go through all background checks, interviews and full set of documents will be requested before initial approval letter is issued by Government.

5. Investment

Make the investment within 30 days of receiving the approval letter. You will make investment directly to the government and agency costs to the agent.

6. Citizenship

The Government will issue citizenship certificate. Take the Oath to receive your passport at nearest embassy or through authorized person.

Passport Freedom

invest in your future

Dual Citizenship

Discover Global freedom with a powerful passport. Discover unlimited opportunities. Protect your wealth and family abroad.

  • Secure Your Future
  • Seek Ultimate Freedom
  • Enjoy Travel without Visas
  • Safety for Family
  • Expand your Business Globally
  • Education for Children Abroad
CIP Calculator

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Citizenship Cost Calculator

See our live working model of our citizenship by investment cost calculators built using state of the art algorithms and AI models, giving you accurate price estimates of CBI programs.

  • No login or registration required.
  • Transparent full disclosure of fees
  • No hidden fees.
  • Know the pricing model
  • Estimates for Donation and Property investment.
  • Costs for including family members (siblings, parents etc.)

a golden chance for property investors

Prime Real Estate

Capitalize on citizenship that comes with fully refundable real estate investment after 5 years with 4-5% annual rental returns.

government donation

CBI Donations

Cheapest, fastest and straight forward investment route. Non-refundable one time lump sum investment in exchange for citizenship.


Top Investment Options

Preferred by most investors in citizenship programs.





  • Fastest straight forward investment
  • One time contribution to state.
  • Half the price compared to other options

Real Estate

Most Popular


/ Family

Refundable investment after 5 years

  • Recoverable investment in Hotels/Resorts
  • Buyback share (refunded by developer after 5 years with 4%-5% income)
  • Government approved project



/ Family

Issued by Government

  • Risk free investment.
  • Capital Guaranteed by Government.
  • Fully refundable after 5 years (no interest paid)

100% no-risk money back guarantee


Great professional service provided by the law firm in St.Lucia


United States


First class company. Thanks for providing us a new future. Highly recommended.


United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

What is CBI?

CBI refers to citizenship for financial investments.

Do i need personal visit?

Not required for most programs, but some programs such as Malta and Turkey require visits.

Do you accept cryptocurrency?

Yes, we do for real estate in Turkey and Vanuatu.

Do you guarantee privacy?

Yes, we maintain high confidentiality with our investors.

Are there good residency schemes in Europe?

Portugal, Greece and Hungary are the best residence visa schemes in Europe.

How much time to get citizenship?

Please allow 3-4 months

Are donations refundable?

Investment made is non refundable.

Do you offer refund if application is rejected?

Yes, you will not get back agency fee and due diligence fee. You will not make full investment without CIU approval.

What documents are required?

Initial documents include Application forms, birth certificate, criminal record document, references, marriage certificate and ID documents. Must be apostilled and notarized.

Why Residency is better?

Residency option is best, if your home country restricts dual citizenship (eg. China, India, Singapore etc.).

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