Cheapest citizenship by investment for less than €100,000

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We calculated at the prices of citizenship by investment programs (CBI) in euros, and we found that there are only three citizenship by investment schemes in the caribbean that have the prices of donation below 100,000 euros.


  • Dominica – €85,000 (USD 100,000)
  • Saint Lucia – €85,000 (USD 100,000)
  • Antigua and Barbuda – €85,000 (USD 100,000) Limited discount until Oct 2019


So these three caribbean countries have the cheapest citizenship by investment programs below €100,000 euros.  Please expect additional charges such as application fee, due diligence fee, passport fee etc..


All other countries offering CBI schemeshave prices excess of €100,000

  • St Kitts and Nevis – €130,000
  • Grenada – €130,000
  • Vanuatu – €140,000
  • Malta – €800,000
  • Cyprus – €2 million
  • Turkey  – €215,000


Antigua and Dominica CBIU accepts funds in Euros, the total amount after conversion to USD must not be below USD 100,000. While most citizenship consultants accept Euro as payments.


Please note that prices of USD/EUR exchange rate vary from time to time, the best time to send payment or convert the currency when the US dollar is weak against euro.