Citizenship coin – A New Cryptocurrency for the CBI Industry

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A new cryptocurrency ‘Citizenship coin’ has been launched for the investment migration industry.

Citizenship coin (CTZ) is a P2P crypto digital currency backed by Euro for the Citizenship by investment industry (CBI) and will also support major crypto currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Citizenship coin enables buying citizenship through the CBI programs operated by several countries in the world. Citizenship coin enables cheaper, faster, and efficient digital currency payments for the investment migration industry.

2017 has been hailed as the year of crypto currencies, which has helped to start a new blockchain revolution, creating new a billion dollar industry.

The Cryptocurrency Market Cap will reach over $1 Trillion Dollar in 2018.

Startup companies involved in blockchain cryptocurrency projects have raised millions during the Initial coin offering (ICO). A blockchain holds an immutable ledger of transactions agreed in sync by all blocks. Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in 2009 setting off a crypto revolution which swept the world, when the price of bitcoin hit $20,000 in late  Please see How bitcoin works? Bitcoin through its free open source software license, helped to create new altcoin industry i.e. creating your own cryptocurrency. Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple are well known altcoins, worth today a combined total of abouthalf a trillion USD.

Citizenship coin is currently, an experimental digital currency based on blockchain technology, set to revolutionize the entire investment migration industry, enabling instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.  Citizenshipcoin uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. The source code of Citizenship coin has been derived from Bitcoin/Litecoin source code.

Citizenship consultants, Real estate developers, Law firms and even Governments may chose to accept citizenship coins, as a payment standard in the future. The source code of citizenship coin project is available free under open source license for the CBI/RBI industry professionals.

Mr. Balakrishnan, creator of the Citizenship coin said “Crypto currencies is set revolutionize every industry segment in to the future because it is cheaper, faster and solves lot of problems. Citizenship coin is an exciting new technology for the investment migration industry. Looking 10 years into the future, every industry will have its crypto currency replacing existing payment technologies. We are starting ICO this April to raise money from investors and implement this new payment technology for the CBI industry.”

Limited Supply of Citizenship Coins

There will be limited supply 105 million citizenship coins ever created, and just like bitcoin, its supply will halve every four years. This means first 52 million coins, will be available first four years, 25 million next four years and so on. Payment transactions can be confirmed by blocks within 10-15 minutes and  the payment fee is negligible compared to fees charged by banks. For example to send 100,000 CTZ coins, the fee is 0.0015 CTZ coins.

The limited supply of citizenship coins, current supply and possibility of future demand in the market, may cause the price of citizenship coin to go up, 100 EUR per coin or more, depending on the Coin supply, demand, and circulation and trading value in the market. Citizenship coins can be exchanged to other major fiat currencies through Exchange agency, for a small conversion fee of 1%. All transactions are subjected to AML/KYC rules.


Initial Coin Offering

The ICO for Citizenship coin will be opening in April!

  • 1 Citizenship CTZ = 1 EUR
  • 100 Citizenship Coins (CTZ ) = €100 Euros
  • 1000 CTZ = 1000 EUR

We plan to sell a total 52 million citizenship coins during the public ICO and raise the money for the project. We aim to generate EUR 10 million through ICO  during the first year to implement the digital payment system, acquire necessary licenses for the company, Network operation and Software development for the coin.

Please download our Whitepaper.

Minimum purchase is 100 CTZ coins which will cost 100 EURO.

Free Coins

As a part of initial promotion of citizenship coin project, we give away free 100 citizenship coins to anybody involved in the CBI industry on first come first serve basis. The free coins will educate professionals in the industry about the working of cryptocurrency and block chain technology.


Citizenship coin is developed by Ajax Software LLC in Hungary and Mr. Balakrishnan is the developer involved in the creation of the ‘Citizenship coin’. Mr. Balakrishnan is available for media interviews and available to speak and present the working of Citizenship coin project at investment migration conferences around the world.

Free license

Citizenship coin is free open source software available for Citizenship consultants, Agents, Governments, Law firms and Real estate developers in the CBI industry. Once the initial test phase is completed it will be open to general public. Industry professionals can maintain and run the Citizenship coin network, work and and collaborate together without the middlemen.