Citizenship Shop to open as high street shop in 2019

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Citizenship shop to launch in 2019 as the World’s first high street shop offering citizenship by investment schemes to high net worth families and serving luxury real estate market. was initially launched in Oct 2016, as an e-platform and website to shop for citizenships and golden visas of several countries online under one roof.

Currently there are CBI programs running in 15 countries and over 25 countries offer golden visas making investment migration, a $10 billion dollar industry.

“We are taking it to the next level”, said Mr. Balakrishnan, who pioneered the idea three years ago.

In 2019, The first citizenship shop is planned open in luxury shopping streets in Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong  and Zurich (Switzerland) and will expand globally.

He further added ..

“Passports have become the latest status symbol of this decade for the mega rich. Rather than buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini for $250K, they could invest in a 2nd passport and add it to their investment portfolio for the same price. A new citizenship for family, children and future generations is a great investment and never go wasted”,

In a wealth survey, one in three HNWIs already hold a second passport and 1 out of three are planning to purchase one and others are considering.

Citizenship shop is still in initial stages development and will offer investment based citizenship and residency schemes including luxury real estate to clients.

To keep up with emerging technologies, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be accepted at Citizenship shop.

Stay tuned for more updates in 2019