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Global uncertainties arising from Trump victory and Brexit, have prompted rich and wealthy on the run, looking for alternative second citizenships. This week a number of companies promoting investment citizenship schemes, reported surge in inquiries on second citizenships.

Buying a citizenship for cash, is not new, have existed in ancient times. Roughly two thousand years ago , Roman citizenship was sold to rich and wealthy for money. In the book of Acts, Paul has a discussion with a Roman Centurion who claims he bought his citizenship “for a lot of money”. Roman citizens given, right for unimpeded travel across the empire, with right to vote and given immunity against torture and death sentence (except for treason). Nothing has changed in modern times and the concept of buying citizenship for lots of money is pretty much the same.

For those who think buying a citizenship online is just not possible, times have already changed. is a revolutionary never heard of new concept, only online shop and e-platform in the world possible for buy new citizenships online.  As a promotional offer – No initial payment required. Just order, we send you free quote and pay later.

Mr. Balakrishnan Prabhu, founder of startup said “We attract rich and wealthy in the world looking for second scitizenship. Never before people would have imagined buying a citizenship online, now it is very real. Citizenship Shop is only online shopping platform in the world selling fast track citizenships under economic investment. We work with several Government appointed authorized agents, lawyers and real estate developers in promoting the citizenship by investment programs (CIP).  It is currently possible to get new citizenship and passport within few months”.

The cost for an alternative citizenship do not come cheap. Those who can afford large sums of money starting from $100,000, can buy fast track citizenships in caribbean and europe under so called “citizenship by investment programs (CIP)” which are currently up and running in as many as 7 countries approved by Governments. Of the 7 countries, 2 countries in Europe (Malta, Cyprus) and 5 caribbean nations (St Kitts, Antigua, Grenada, Dominica, St Lucia) all have put their citizenships for sale under economic investment.

Citizenship Shop also sells “golden visa” programs but golden visas only offer immediate residency not citizenship, which takes quite a lot of time.

The following are a summary of CIP and golden visa programs available in the citizenship shop

1. Alternative Citizenships

  •  Dominica – USD 100,000 (passport in 3-5 months)
  •  Grenada – USD 150,000 (passport in 2-3 months)
  •  St Kitts & Nevis – USD 150,000 (passport in 3-4 months)
  •  St Lucia – USD 100,000 (passport 2-3 months)
  •  Cyprus – EUR 2,000,000 (EU citizenship & passport 5-6 months)
  •  Malta – approx EUR 900,000 ( EU citizenship & passport takes 12-15 months)

2. Golden Visas (residency)

  •  Portugal – EUR 500,000 property ownership (UK residency)
  •  Greece – EUR 250,000 property ownership (EU residency in 4-6 months)
  •  Hungary – EUR 300,000 bonds (EU permanent residency in 4 months)
  •  United Kingdom – GBP 2,000,000 (UK residency in 1 month)
  •  United States EB5 – USD 500,000 (US permanent residency takes 12 months)
  •  Spain – EUR 500,000 property ownership (EU residency in 3 months)
  •  Belgium – EUR 400,000 business (EU residency 3 months)
  •  Latvia – EUR 250,000 property ownership (EU residency in 3 months)
  •  Bulgaria – EUR 500,000 bonds or property (residency in 4 months)

About assists wealthy individuals and families acquire citizenship and passports through economic investment. is a revolutionary new e-platform in the world for buying a second citizenship online. We work with Governments, law firms, authorized agents and real estate developers in over 30 countries, offering world class service to investors and families. We imagine a free world without borders for free movement of people.

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