Dominica and St Lucia are the ‘cheapest’ Second Passports

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Dominica and St Lucia compete for the ‘cheapest’ second passport program in the the World.  Both countries run citizenship by investment program which is priced at $100,000 under donation route.

Dominica CIP established since 1993, whereas St Lucia launched in 2015, reformed their CIP in 2017 to compete with Dominica for $100,000

However there are subtle differences between the two programs:

  • Investment amount: $100,000 same for St Lucia and Dominica (donation route)
  • Processing time: The passport processing time for Dominica is over 6 months, whereas St Lucia, is much faster 3 months. Hence St Lucia is much faster.
  • Family citizenship: Family citizenship with St Lucia is little cheaper than Dominica under donation route. There is a $10,000 difference with St Lucia ($165,000 for main applicant with spouse) and Dominica ($175,000 for main applicant with spouse).
  • Real Estate: Dominica requires $200,000 for citizenship through approved real estate investment. St Lucia requires $300,000 for citizenship under real estate option. Hence Dominica is cheaper compared to St Lucia.
  • Fees: St Lucia charges processing fee $2000 per applicant, whereas Dominica charges $3000 per application. Both countries charge $7500 due diligence fees,  but for children under 16, Dominica charges $4000 whereas you have to pay $5000 with Lucia
  • Passport validity: St Lucia passport valid for 5 years, Dominica passport valid for 10 years until expiry
  • Government bonds: St Lucia offers citizenship through purchase of $500,000 Government bonds (limited issue), whereas Dominica does not have this provision.
  • Business Enterprises: St Lucia has option to receive citizenship through joint enterprise investment with each investor needs to contribute $1,000,000. Dominica does not have business investment option for citizenship.
  • Visa free travel: Dominica has visa free travel to 119 countries, St Lucia has 127 countries, according to Henley visa index 2017.
  • Geography: St Lucia is more mountainous whereas Dominica is full of waterfalls, rain forests.
  • Population: St Lucia (184,000) almost 2.5x times has more population than Dominica (72,385)

Here are a quick summary of CBI programs in the Caribbean

  • Dominica – $100,000 (donation)
  • St Lucia – $100,000 (donation)
  • St Kitts and Nevis – $150,000 Hurricane fund or $250,000 (donation includes $50,000 Government fee)
  • Grenada – $150,000 (donation)
  • Antigua and Barbuda – $100,000 (donation)