Dominica, St Lucia and Antigua CIP’s are cheaper than Moldova

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Three Caribbean citizenship  by investment programs (CIP’s) are cheaper than Moldova because the donation to public fund for 3 Caribbean CIPs in USD while Moldova requires in EUR.


The newly launched Moldova citizenship by investment is a bit expensive compared to the caribbean CBI/CIP passports.


  • Antigua – USD 100,000
  • Dominica – USD 100,000
  • St Lucia – USD 100,000


Moldova when it is converted to USD from Euro will cost $15,000 more compared to other CIP’s


  • Moldova – EUR 100,000 ( USD 115,000)


  • St Kitts and Nevis – USD 150,000
  • Grenada – USD 150,000


Please note Moldova passport does not have visa free travel to United Kingdom and Ireland while all caribbean passports have visa free access to UK/Ireland.


Moldova passport does have visa free access to EU schengen states and Russia.


Lets us compare the passport power and visa free travel of these countries.


Passport Visa free countries
Antigua and Barbuda 150
St Lucia 145
Dominica 137
Moldova 122
St Kitts and Nevis 151
Grenada 143


Our verdict: Antigua passport which is cheap and best.


Please note that Antigua CIP will cost more (double) when 50% limited discount offer expires by Oct 2019.