Dominica Tops Citizenship by Investment Rankings 2022

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Commonwealth of Dominica’s citizenship by investment program has secured top spot in the Best Citizenship by investment rankings for 2022 based on our PBS (points based scoring) model which evaluates 38 scoring factors taken into consideration by investors before deciding the most desirable CBI program.

Grenada took second place and St Lucia in third.

The Caribbean programs scored big in our CBI rankings for 2022 over European programs, consistently topping the rankings table over the years for being most affordable programs with good balance of passport benefits.


Rank CBI PBS score
1 Dominica 272
2 Grenada 262
3 Saint Lucia 253
4 St Kitts and Nevis 246
5 Antigua and Barbuda 244
6 Vanuatu 231
7 Malta 212
8 Bulgaria 208
9 Turkey 206
10 Montenegro 203
11 Samoa 164
12 Egypt 164
13 Jordan 156

Note: Cyprus and Moldova closed CBI schemes.

The Government of Dominica made significant progress improving the CBI program and passport power by signing more visa free agreements expanding the diplomatic footprint with more nations. As of 2022, Dominican nationals had visa free access with 145+ countries and territories for global citizens. These include UK, Schengen, Russia, China making it one of the powerful caribbean passports to hold.

Dominica scored top marks  for these reasons:

  •  Low cost and affordable CIP for families
  •  New Visa waiver to China
  •  New Biometric passport strengthening security standards
  •  Very good property market attractive to invest in hotels.
  •  Very good use of CBI funds in sustainable development
  •  Due diligence checks
  •  Very good consulate assistance abroad for its citizens

Ranking Factors

  • Pricing
  • Popularity
  • Easy Application process
  • Availability of Government bonds
  • Safety score (low crime rate)
  • Visa free to Big 6 nations – EU schengen, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, China (60 points)
  • Wealth (GDP per capita)
  • Passport time (months)
  • Processing speed (days)
  • Residence requirement
  • Voting rights
  • EU citizenship
  • E-2 treaty with US
  • Education Rank
  • Healthcare Rank
  • HDI Rank (Human development)
  • Privacy – Gazetting CBI names to Public
  • Tax free advantages
  • Due Diligence and Vetting
  • CBI Transparency
  • Passport Validity
  • Personal visit exemption
  • Lifetime Citizenship
  • Covid discount
  • Post citizenship additions
  • Family friendly (siblings, grandparents etc)
  • Real estate prices
  • CBI e-platform
  • Access to Stateless people
  • Consulates Assistance abroad
  • Limited Quotas
  • Biometric Passport

Read the full report here