Fastest citizenship by investment passports

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Which is the fastest citizenship by investment passport program?

We have some answers for you.

In 2019, Vanuatu and Saint Lucia has significantly improved their application processing times. As of today, Vanuatu has the fastest passport for investment. Vanuatu approves all applications and issues passports within 1 month time.

Most caribbean countries take 2 months of processing time as this time consumed by due diligence checks report received from service providers. Citizenship units cannot approve passports if the DD checks cannot be carried out in certain countries such as Syria, Iran etc. Further failing background checks or concealment of information can also lead to citizenship refusals.i

The Investment in the form of donation has to be paid to government, only after application is approved clearing all DD checks. Most agents will ask for a small 10% retainer fee to carry out initial preliminary checks.


Fastest CBI Passports

 CBI Price Passport time Visa free Residence conditions Passport validity
Vanuatu  $150,000 (donation) 1 month 129 none 10 years
St Lucia  $100,000 (donation)
$300,000 (real estate)
$500,000 (Govt bonds)
2.5 months 145 none 5
St Kitts & Nevis $150,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 151 none 10
Antigua & Barbuda $100,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 150 5 days 5
Grenada $150,000 (donation)
$220,000 (real estate)
3 months 142 none 5
Dominica $100,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 137 none 10
Turkey  $250,000 (real estate) 3-4 months 111 none 10
Montenegro €350,000 (real estate + donation opening in 2020) 3 months 123 none 10
Cyprus €2.15 million (real estate) 7 months 173 6 months 10
Greece €2 million (opening in Q1 2020) 6 months 183 6 months 10


Slowest CBI Passports

 CBI Price Passport time Visa free Residence conditions Passport validity
Malta €900K (Donation + Bonds) 14 months 182 12 months 10
Bulgaria  $1,000,000 (bonds) 15 months 169 1 years 10


Please note application process takes longer provided all documents submitted in order.  Long processing delays are caused by missing documents or certificates required for CIP approval. Your agent will advise you further.


You dont need to visit the country to take oath or receive passports. The passports will be handed over to you by your authorized agent or at the consulate abroad. This makes time to receive passports much faster.