Golden visa offers full path to Greek citizenship

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The New 2018 Amendments to golden visa scheme  offers full path to Greek citizenship and passport.


The decision of the Minister of Interior no. 130181/6353/27.3.2018, published in the Government Gazette 1208/?/2.4.2018, the residence permits of Real Estate Owners and permanent residence permit for Investors have been added to the categories of residence permits that are eligible for the submission of an application for the acquisition of Greek citizenship. In this case, the applicants must fulfill all the preconditions of the Greek Citizenship Code applied for the acquisition of Greek citizenship by naturalization. The  ministerial decision applies only to the real estate owners and investors themselves, and not their family members, who must first obtain the long-term residence status, which is a prerequisite for naturalization.


The Greek law also permits dual citizenship.


An alien who is not an ethnic Greek must live in Greece for seven years before the declaration. They must also submit an application for naturalization to the Ministry of the Interior.


Because Greece forms part of the European Union, Greek citizens are also citizens of the European Union under European Union law and thus enjoy rights of free movement and have the right to vote in elections for the European Parliament.


Greece has the 7th powerful European passport in the world in the 2019 Henley passport rankings.  As of 2019, the Greeks had visa free travel to 184 countries in the world.


Read more about requirements in the ministry of interior website