Grenada cuts CBI prices to $150,000 for NTF Single Applicant

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Grenada becomes the latest country to slash prices for citizenship by investment program, after Antigua and St Kitts reduced the CBI investment amount following the 2017 Hurricane season. St Kitts introduced Hurricane relief fund for $150,000 and Antigua dramatically cut prices to $100,000 for the CBI program.

From now on, the NTF contribution to Grenada CBI will be $150,000 from $200,000 ($50,000 less than before) only for single applicants. For family option the NTF remains $200,000 and there is no change in investment minimum for real estate which stands at $350,000.

The Citizenship by investment program of Grenada is considered to be Gold standard in the region and Grenadian passport is rated is one of the most valuable passport.

  • Visa free travel to China and 127 countries in the world.
  • E-2 treaty with the US (cheaper alternative to EB-5)
  • Grenada recently signed visa waiver with Russia and UAE

Grenada’s CBI regarded as one of the highest-rated CBI programmes in the world with 50% increase in applications received in 2017.

Under Section 10 (contribution to the National Transformation Fund) — would now make a reduced contribution of USD 150,000.00. All other charges and fees remain unchanged.

This was announced by Kaisha Ince, CEO of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit  at the Henley Conference in Hong Kong in November last year.

Grenada also made the following changes to the Citizenship legislation to the requirements for dependents making it easy to apply for CBI program.

  • The age of dependent children increased from 26 years to 30 years.
  • Child born within 12 months of the CBI application may granted citizenship
  • A child born to the main applicant within 12 months of filing the original application with CBI may be included in the application if the main applicant makes application within six months of the birth of the child and pays the applicable fee.
  •  Age of dependent parent or grandparent decreased from 65 years to 55 years