Buy a second citizenship online!

How it works?

1. Place an Order

No payment required when you shop.

2. We send you Quote

We send you a FREE quote for citizenship. No obligations!

3. Pay Initial Deposit

Pay a small retainable initial deposit (5% to 10%) to start the process through cheque or bank transfer.

4. We Courier you Forms

We will mail you all forms by courier. Attach necessary identification documents and mail it back.

5. Government Approval Letter

We apply through our Authorized agent appointed by the Government. Wait for 1-2 months for Approval letter from the Government to proceed with the investment.

6. Pay the full investment

Pay the rest of the investment to Government.

7. Get your Citizenship

Get your citizenship certificate and passport. You can collect them at consulate or at authorised agents office in person.

8. Travel visa free

Use your new citizenship passport as an identification and travel document. Travel visa free to over 100 countries using your new passport.