Investment Citizenship Passport Programs

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The market for investment citizenship programs have exploded since couple of years. St Kitts and Nevis has the oldest investment passport program, while Dominica and St Lucia are big players in the passport market.  Malta and Cyprus are big players in European passport market. The investment inflows in these countries run in billions resulting from CBI market.

There are several citizenship by investment programs running in Europe and Caribbean offering second passport against an investment. Many international investors applying for these programs have no clue on which are official and which ones are unofficial. The Official programs are publicly announced and backed by Governments legally under with amendments to CIP laws.

Why investment passport programs have gained so much popularity?

  • You get Visa free travel to 100 countries including Europe, UK etc.
  • You get a Second passport with dual citizenship.
  • You get Instant citizenship within months
  • You have no residency requirements and no tests.
  • You need no language or business requirement.
  • You do not need to visit the country to apply for passport (except European programs)

Here are the list of official investment citizenship programs one should apply for


Official Citizenship by Investment


  1. Saint Lucia ($100,000 donation or $300,000 real estate)
  2. Moldova (€100,000 donation)
  3. Montenegro (€350,000 (donation plus real estate)
  4. Dominica ($100,000 donation or $200,000 real estate)
  5. Grenada ($150,000 donation or $350,000 real estate)
  6. St Kitts and Nevis ($150,000 donation or $200,000 real estate )
  7. Antigua and Barbuda ($100,000 donation or $200,000 real estate)
  8. Vanuatu ($160,000 donation)
  9. Malta (€800,000 donation plus bonds)
  10. Cyprus (€ 2,000,000 real estate)
  11. Cambodia ($250,000 donation)
  12. Turkey ($250,000 real estate)