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Moldova to open new citizenship by investment programme

Moldova Citizenship By Investment

Moldova to open a new citizenship by investment program according to Annex no.1 to the Government Decision no. from 2017 – REGULATIONS on the acquisition of citizenship through investment

Foreigner investors and their families qualify for Moldova citizenship and passport by investing in any one of the following investment plans

  • Contribution to the Public Investment Fund for Sustainable Development – EUR 100,000
  • Government bonds: EUR 250,000  locked for 5 years
  • Real estate: EUR 250,000 (property investment)

The investments such as Property investment, Government bonds must be maintained for 60 months or 5 years.

Moldova is to offer citizenship to foreigners who invest significant sums in the country, in a bid to boost the weak levels of investment that the country has seen in recent years, said Baltic Magazine.

Applicants and family members who apply for citizenship under the investment program in Moldova must have good economic and financial reputation, must not have any criminal record, visa refusal or involved in fraud, malpractice, money laundering or indemnities.

The Republic of Moldova actively pursues EU membership and not a member of Schengen zone.  Moldova passport is ranked #54 powerful passport in the world with visa free travel to 102 countries including all EU member states, United Kingdom, Russia etc according to Henley visa restrictions index 2017



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