Netherlands Golden Visa Program

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Netherlands offers ‘golden visa’ to entrepreneurs who invest 200,000 euros in the entrepreneur startup businesses in Netherlands. The investment is expected to create jobs.

  • Cheapest residency program in Europe
  • Free movement in Schengen Area
  • European residency for family and children
  • No minimum residence requirements (must visit once a year)
  • Business investment residency program
  • Dutch citizenship and permanent residency after 5 years of living.
  • Opportunity to invest in Netherlands real estate.
  • Right to work in Netherlands.
  • Tax planning for HNW individuals.

There are two types of Golden visas possible in Netherlands

1.Entrepreneur Visa Program

To get ‘entrepreneur visa’, you have to incorporate a new company in Netherlands, and as a director of the company you created, you can receive residence permit for business activity in Netherlands. You will need to make a minimum investment of only 50,000 euros in the first year and second year onwards around 35,000 euros .

The total costs for 5 years will come around 200,000 euros for residence permit in Netherlands. Family members can join later once the investor has received residence permit.

2.Foreign Investor Program

The foreign investor program in Netherlands for high net worth individuals who are able to invest 1,250,000 euros in Dutch economy (share capital, business or real estate).


After 5 years of living in Netherlands it is passport to become a Dutch citizen through naturalisation and passing language test.