Greece Golden Visa


Greece offers immediate residency to foreign nationals who buy a property for 250,000 euro in Greece. This golden visa program remains the most popular and no.1 residence program in Europe for foreign investors

  • EU residency in schengen country.
  • 100% Real estate investment in Greece
  • Immigrate to Europe with family.
  • Travel freely within Schengen
  • Immediate permanent residency in Greece (5 or 10 years)
  • No language tests, no business experience, no medical tests
  • No minimum stay requirements.

To qualify for the Greek golden visa, you have to satisfy the following criteria.

  • €250,000 euro real estate investment in Greece
  • €400,000 euro bank deposit in Greece
  • €400,000 euro greek government bonds (natural persons) and €800,000 euro for companies
  • €250,000 euro strategic business investment

You will receive permanent residence permit (PR) valid for 5 years and then renewable after then. No requirement to live in Greece.

The Government processing time is about 4 months.

Greek citizenship possible after 7 years of  uninterrupted living in Greece. You have to pass the Greek language test.