St.Kitts Named World’s Top Citizenship by Investment Destination

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St. Kitts soars to the Top of the Global citizenship by investment rankings, recognized as the Best CBI Program for 2023. The Federation of St.Kitts & Nevis reigns as a Global leader in Citizenship by investment since introducing the first Economic citizenship program to the World in 1984.  The CBI Rankings were scored based on the PBS scoring model developed by Best Citizenships (our sister brand) based on 40 indicators of a CBI program.

Top CBI for 2023

  1. St Kitts & Nevis (SKN)
  2. Grenada
  3. St.Lucia

SKN secured first spot after the Government of St.Kitts and Nevis made a significant reforms into the CBI program

  • Introducing Limited Time Offer
  • Improving transparency and governance of the program.
  • Reforms with safeguarding property investment
  • Strict due diligence checks boarding only highly qualified applicants.
  • Significantly improving processing times with Accelerated applications.
  • Introducing private homes for CBI investment
  • Expanding more investment options  (eg. Public investment option)
  • Ease of documentation and application process.
  • Facilitating visa waiver agreements through diplomatic channels to increase the travel strength of SKN passport.
Best CBI Programs 2023

Source: Best Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Rankings 2023

The Best Citizenship by Investment Rankings are published every year based on PBS ranking model developed by Best Citizenships. This is the fourth edition of the Best CBI rankings published for 2023 based on the Points Based Score (PBS) model developed by Best Citizenships. This year we have considered about 40 important indicators considered by investors before deciding on the best CBI program to invest in.