Top 10 countries in CBI passport rankings 2019

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Best Citizenships (BC) designed a new ranking model for CBI passports based on Points Based Scoring (PBS) system. Although many indexes exist for ranking CBI passport, many are not exhaustive, or rely on visa free access to rank Citizenship By Investment (CBI) passports.


The ranking model takes into account over 25 factors into our model from pricing to economic indicators of each country to rank a CBI passport out of maximum 150 points.  We have also assigned weights to each feature depending on the importance such as visa free access to biggest countries in the world, due diligence, Human development indicators and living conditions, education, healthcare, strong currency etc..


CBI passports


  • Malta takes the first place in CBI passport rankings 2019
  • Grenada takes first place among Caribbean CBI passports followed by Dominica in second place and St Kitts in third place
  • Bulgaria takes second place followed by Cyprus in third place. Bulgaria scores slightly higher than cyprus because it has E-2 visa treaty with US, high safety record, and its economy is 5X bigger than Cyprus ($177 billion compared to Cyprus ($35 billion). If Bulgaria decide to close the CBI scheme, Cyprus will take over the second spot.
  • Turkey has $2.3 trillion dollar economy biggest economy among CBI countries with high Human development index and education system
  • Montenegro is slightly a better passport than Moldova.
  • Antigua and St Lucia remain tied at fourth place in the Caribbean.
  • Montenegro, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria have a strongest euro currency.
  • Moldova, St Lucia and Antigua tied for the 8th place rank.
  • Samoa and Cambodia remain remain at the bottom are the worst CBI passports.



CBI Passport PBS Score Rank
Malta Malta 107 1
Bulgaria Bulgaria 106 2
Cyprus Cyprus 104 3
Grenada Grenada 102 4
Dominica Dominica 89 5
St Kitts and Nevis St Kitts and Nevis 88 6
Montenegro Montenegro 85 7
Moldova Moldova 84 8
St Lucia St Lucia 84 8
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 84 8
Vanuatu Vanuatu 83 9
Turkey Turkey 80 10
Samoa Samoa 70 11
Cambodia Cambodia 58 12


Read the full report here: https://best-citizenships.com/2019/01/27/best-citizenships-cbi-passport-rankings-2019/