Vanuatu citizenship and permanent residency program

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anuatu has a new citizenship by investment scheme launched under Development Support Program (DSP) established under Citizenship Act [CAP 112]. The Honorary Citizenship Development Support Program is launched by the Government of Republic of Vanuatu in March 2017. This program has major demand with chinese, middle east and asian clients.

The Vanuatu Development Support Program offers honorary citizenship to foreign investors against one time contribution of USD 200,000 and will replace the existing Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP). Citizenship is only approved by Citizenship commission in Vanuatu after vetting of applicants for criminal record including due diligence checks.

  • Vanuatu’s new citizenship by investment program.
  • Second passport in a tax friendly country.
  • Right to live, work and do business in Vanuatu as a citizen.
  • Visa free travel to 113 countries including Russia, United Kingdom and Schengen states.
  • Citizenship in a commonwealth country.
  • Citizenship for spouse, children and parents.
  • Processing time is 2 months.

Fees and charges

  • Contribution – USD 130,000
  • Government processing fee – USD 30,000
  • Due diligence fee – USD 40,000

The costs of family package listed below includes due diligence and Government fees.

Single applicant  $200,000
Applicant + Spouse $220,000
Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children under 18 years $240,000
Applicant + Parents above 65 years $280,000

Vanuatu passport has visa free travel to 131 countries including United Kingdom, EU schengen states, Russia

Dual citizenship is accepted in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Citizenship can be revoked  based on the following grounds:

  • Citizenship was granted in a fraudulent manner; or
  • Citizenship was granted contrary to the provisions of the Citizenship Act [Cap 112] or the national Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu; or
  • The person after being granted citizenship is not complying with the restrictions provided by the Citizenship Act.

Permanent Residency Program

Permanent Residency is possible in Vanuatu upon buying a real estate property for USD 100,000 or proving a monthly income of USD 2500.  Citizenship after 10 year of living in Vanuatu under this option. The additional costs for receiving permanent residency are $10,000 for one person and $12,00 for family.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship allowed in Vanuatu and new citizens of Vanuatu are not required to give up their previous citizenship.