Where to get cheapest citizenship by investment?

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Saint Lucia has the cheapest CBI program in the world through the donation route.  The total costs for a CBI depend on number of factors such as how many people apply as a family, age of applicants, due diligence fee, application fee and passport fee. Prices increase the more you add family members.

We will compare the six most popular cheapest citizenship by investment programs below

One person

In this scenario, only one person applies for the passport. Saint Lucia is the cheapest CBI for one person followed closely by Dominica.

CBI  Govt donation  CIP due diligence + application  Lawyer fee
Saint Lucia  US$ 100,000  US$9,500  Less than $10k
Dominica US$ 100,000  US$9,950  Around $10k
Vanuatu US$130,000 $5000 Included in donation
Antigua and Barbuda US$ 100,000 $37,800 $10k to $15k
St Kitts and Nevis US$ 150,000 $7,750 $10k to $15k
Grenada US$ 150,000 $8,500 $10k to $15k

Total fee: Govt donation + CIP due diligence + Lawyer fee


In this scenario, we assume a family of four is applying (husband, wife and 2 children less than 15). As you can see Antigua is the cheapest CBI program for families, followed by St Kitts and Saint Lucia.

CBI  Govt donation  CIP due diligence + application  Lawyer fee
Antigua and Barbuda US$100,000 $46,200 Around $15k
St Kitts and Nevis US$ 150,000 $12,500 Around $15k
Dominica US$ 175,000 $18,300 Around $15k
Vanuatu US$ 165,000 $20,000 Included in donation
Grenada US$ 200,000 US$ 20,000 Around $15k

Total fee: Govt donation + CIP due diligence + Lawyer fee

Please note that St Kitts, St Lucia and also Dominica offer Covid-19 discounts slashing the prices for families.

To start the application process, first you need to pay CIP due diligence fee plus 50% of the lawyer fee. It takes 2-3 months for the letter of approval issued by CIP units after all the background checks are done. Finally you need to pay the rest of the donation contributions directly to the government bank account. Once all the process is complete, after 2 weeks passport is issued.

Tip: If you invest $250,000 in Saint Lucia interest free Covid19 government bonds, you will be refunded entire sum after 5 years. The net costs to acquire Saint Lucia citizenship  will be less than $50,000. Unfortunately this is a special limited offer from Govt exists only until Dec 2020.

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