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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship


Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship


Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

The Regulations under Section 6 of the Citizenship by Investment Act, 2014 allow the government to operate a CIP program, under which citizenship is granted to persons who qualify under criteria set by parliamentary decision.

Antigua is currently No.1 citizenship program among all the Caribbean countries.

  • Lifetime citizenship with one time investment.
  • Fast processing time 2-3 months.
  • No personal visit to Antigua required.
  • Choice of real estate or business investment.
  • Passport issued with 5 year validity.
  • Family and children under 26 years can apply for citizenship.
  • Visa free travel to UK, Ireland, Switzerland, EU schengen over 130 countries.
  • No interviews, business experience or language tests.
  • Passport pickup through agent or at consulate.
  • Maintain dual citizenships with other nations.
  • No wealth, inheritance, foreign income, personal income taxes.

The citizenship routes are under 3 investment options:

  1. National Donation Fund (NDF) – USD 200,000
  2. Real estate investment – USD 400,000
  3. Business Enterprise Capital Investment – USD 1,500,000

All three above options are subjected to additional Government fees

Antigua Passport takes 2-3 months of processing time with 5 years validity.

Government fee  USD
Main applicant $50,000
Spouse $50,000
Dependent child aged 0-11 $25,000
Dependent child aged 12-17 $25,000
Dependent child aged 18-25 $50,000
Dependent parent aged over 65 $50,000
Due diligence fee 
Main applicant $7,500
Due diligence fee – Spouse $7,500
Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 0-11 $0
Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 12-17 $2,000
Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 18-25 $4,000
Due diligence fee – Dependent parent aged over 65 $4,000
Passport fee 
Per person $300


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